New stuff

2014-09-07 23:53:14 by fado580

Hey guys, I've been working hard on new material and have posted some earlier tracks of mine that have been touched up.  If anyone's interested then feel free to visit my soundcloud profile.  I will also be starting up a youtube account with the name Slinky Beats to post finished material and various movies done with my production team.  

I'd also like to give a shout out to sstovallTSOF here on newgrounds.  Me and him work together and he makes some awesome music on his own.  Anyway, links and stuff are down below, thanks!




Hey guys and gals! 

   Just wanted to say to check out my new music in the Audio Portal!! It's awesome, (I promise)....


But yeah, check out Battle Beat!!!,  and Velocity, and it will rock your socks off. For reals...

Would I lie to you guys? HELL NAW

New music!

2014-02-26 20:49:01 by fado580

Man, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted something.

Anyway, I'm surprised and thankful for all the plays and downloads of my music, you guys are awesome so I'm going to start frequently posting new songs here.  Hope you guys enjoy!

Getting into flash.

2009-07-24 02:30:13 by fado580

Ever since the art portal started up, I've been really intrigued by some of the creativity here on newgrounds. Submissions by rtil and franz24 really blow my mind. In fact it makes me want to submit more things other than lame garage band music. So I'm wondering what some of the best flash tutorials / books are easiest to pick up. I'd love some feedback on this.


Eastern Jammer

2009-05-27 18:21:25 by fado580

My new song -Eastern Jammer- is complete and submitted to the audio portal. Give it a listen if you like!

Peace out Newgrounders


2009-01-23 13:16:16 by fado580

Just to let you guys know, I'm working on some new music for the audio portal. This time the songs will actually be longer, not like anyone cares -_-

The new king of Sweden!

2008-11-15 16:12:13 by fado580

Rucklo, sorry bub. Your still pretty awesome.

The new king of Sweden!


2008-09-15 03:36:41 by fado580

Even though it has been 3 years I really would love to see another Real Legend of Zelda from Jerry. Just wishful thinking I guess.

Anyway, what material do you other people want? I'm curious. And bored O_o

Audio Portal!

2008-08-07 01:41:16 by fado580

It needs more attention than it gets.

Plus if anyone is interested I added a new song. It's called Shadow Chase!

Hope everyone has a good day!

wewt ^^

2008-07-13 17:10:54 by fado580

new name / account

previous was ninja-trix.